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Perineal Massage

There are well proven benefits for doing perineal massage and it will help the baby to deliver easliy and reduce the amount of tearing and stitches required


Perineal massage can be started after 20 weeks of pregnancy


Perineal massage can be done by you or your partner,  The first few times, take a mirror and look at your perineum so you know what you are doing


Make yourself comfortable, in a lying position,  semi-sitting position, sitting on the toilet, or standing with one foot up on the edge of the bath or a chair. Some women may prefer to do perineal massage in the shower.


1.Lubricate your fingers well with baby oil or KY water-soluble jelly. Wash your hands before dipping into the lubricant again.

2.Rub enough oil or jelly into the perineum to allow your fingers to move smoothly over the tissue and lower vaginal wall.

3.If you are doing the massage yourself, it is probably easiest to use your thumb. Your partner can use his index fingers. Put the fingers or thumb well inside the vagina (up to the second knuckle); move them side to side along the sides of the vagina in a rhythmic U or sling-type movement. This movement will stretch the vaginal skin and the muscles surrounding the vagina, and the perineum. You should also massage the perineum by rubbing the skin between the thumb and forefinger (thumb on the inside, finger on the outside or vice versa). Within a few days you will find that the muscles will relax and the tissue will start to stretch.

4.Concentrate on relaxing your muscles as you apply pressure. As you become more comfortable massaging, increase the pressure just enough to make the perineum begin to sting from the stretching.

5. It is recommended to do this massage for 5-10 minutes daily twice a day,,46dl,00.html



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