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Mood and Libido

Interest in sexual activities declines in both sexes with increasing age, and this change seems to be more pronounced in menopausal women. There are underlying reasons for a lack of libido in women. Hormonal factors for example vaginal dryness , which results from declining levels of oestrogen, can cause dyspareunia (pain during intercourse). This can cause anxiety and fear and so effects sexual desire. This can be improved by the use of lubricants, relaxation techniques and an understanding partner.

Non-hormonal factors, such as conflict between partners, children leaving home (the so called “empty nest syndrome”), insomnia, inadequate stimulation, life stress or depression, however, are important contributions to a woman’s level in sexual activity, or lack of libido. Some women find the use of testosterone (male hormone) improves their libido. In addition, male sexual problems-for example, loss of libido and erectile difficulties- should not be overlooked.



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